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Highlights at the Thailand Yacht Show

Highlights at the Thailand Yacht Show

วันที่ : 22 to 25 February 2018

รายละเอียด :
The upcoming third edition of the Thailand Yacht Show is gearing up to take place at the stunning Ao Po Grand Marina from 22 to 25 February 2018 and promises a truly hands-on experience for all.
Over the four days of the Show, visitors will take part in a range of activities on land and in the water, providing everyone the opportunity to experience yachting, water sports, and luxury boating in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

1. HYPE’d up
Start your day right at the Thailand Yacht Show by cruising Phang Nga Bay on board the luxury catamaran, HYPE. Heading out each morning of the Show, it is your chance to take in the panoramic views of Phuket whilst enjoying a refreshing swim and delectable canapés. To experience the perfect initiation into yachting in Thailand, book your tickets by either call +66 (0) 7638 5141, emailing the HYPE Boat team on contact@hype-boat-club.com or simply visit HYPE at the Show itself.

2. Sea trials
Purchasing or chartering a yacht is a big decision, and certainly one more easily made when you have had the chance to fully appreciate the product. The exhibitors at the Thailand Yacht Show welcome interested visitors to join scheduled cruises or sea-trials on board selected yachts and boats on display. It is a perfect way to enjoy Thai hospitality and the fun of yachting. To secure a space on your preferred yacht or boat, simply head down to the Demonstration Platform to register.

3. Toys to try before you buy
Since its inception, the Thailand Yacht Show has pioneered the Demonstration Platform out on the marina. It is the perfect opportunity to try out the latest marine toys and water sports such as stand-up paddle boarding with Sea-Doo, and the latest cool water craze—the Schiller water bike. Float on beanbags from Soo Santai, or watch professionals demonstrating JetBlade and JetSurf equipment. With a variety of activities for you to choose from, you will not be disappointed!

4. Boat Parties and Sunset Cocktails
Boating and yachting is the ultimate social adventure and a yacht show wouldn’t be a yacht show without a party or two. HYPE will be holding a boat party each night of the Show; and D’Deck Bar, sponsored by Sunbrella, will celebrate yachting with live DJ sets and sunset cocktails. VIPs will be invited to exclusive yacht parties and dinner cruises, making for an electric and glamorous atmosphere.

5. Gastronomy
Great boating experiences include sumptuous food and wine. To complete the yachting experience, the Thailand Yacht Show will have Thai cooking classes, street food vendors and night markets, sommelier-led wine tastings and chef demonstrations. |

6. Kid’s Club
Yachting is a family activity and the youngest members can make the most of their time at the Thailand Yacht Show’s Kids Club. Held from Friday to Sunday, children are entertained whilst the adults are free to roam the Show discovering all yachting has to offer.

Visitors can register at www.thailandyachtshow.com or contact info@thailandyachtshow.com

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